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We're all ears and would love to hear from you!  Have a question or suggestion? Listed below are frequently asked questions and issues we commonly get asked about.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What devices are the apps compatible with?

A: All our apps are compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). We are increasingly adding apps for Android phones and tablets and you can see this collection on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Q: The app is working but there is no sound/audio.

A: This is most likely due to settings on your device. Try these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Click on Settings icon within the app to make sure Voice is set to ON.
  • Now lets check your device. Check the side switch MUTE button on your device and make sure it's not flipped to mute.
  • Check the volume slider button on your device (usually on same side as the mute button) and increase the volume to middle or high.
  • Specifically for iPad: Switching the side switch (say that five times fast) to control the screen orientation also disables its control over sound. To fix this, check to ensure that "Use Side Switch To" in Settings, General is set to Mute. See below image:

    iPad side switch

    Toggle the side switch to the off position and your app should have sound again.

  • If none of the above issues solve the problem, delete the app and re-install from Appstore. This is to ensure that you have the latest version of the app which may have sound related bug fixes.
  • If deleting and re-installing doesn't fix the problem, please contact us so we can further troubleshoot the issue.
Q: I updated the app and now it's crashing – I can't use any features of the app.

A: Please delete the app from your device and re-install latest version from Appstore. If this doesn't fix the problem, please contact us so we can further troubleshoot the issue.

Q: I paid for the app. Can I re-download for free?

A: Yes. If it's a paid app, don't worry you won't get charged again, it will be a free download as long as you login to Appstore with the same account you used to download the paid version initially.


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